Petroleum Geology - Theoretical and Applied Studies
Petroleum geology - Theoretical and Applied Studies
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    Oxana Yuryevna
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    3rd Nov 2014 Editor-in-Chief: Oleg M. Prischepa
    9th July 2012 The journal is added to the Directory of Open Access Journals
    4th June 2012 Changing the peer review process
    31st May 2012 The number of publication and citation of Editorial Board members is available on the website
    19th April 2012 The journal publishes articles in English
    27th February 2012 The journal is added to the Ulrich's Periodicals Directory
    15th January 2012 The references are available on the online page
    11th January 2012 The citation is available on the online page
    18th December 2011 New section will be opened
    15th December 2011 New format for the references transliteration
    10th December 2011 Changing the transliteration standard
    10th November 2011 Electronic editions are proposed for creation
    1st April 2011 English version is created
    6th January 2011 The journal is added to the GeoRef database

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