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Petroleum geology - Theoretical and Applied Studies
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    Edition 2010, vol. 5, no. 1

       Edition ?1 (2010, Vol 5) is consist of young professionals' papers for Jubilee Conference of 80th Anniversary of VNIGRI "Prospects of Petroleum Geology" (9-13 November 2009).
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    Konovalceva E.S. Secondary processes in reservoir rocks of productive sediments of Yaractinski deposit

    Arkadyeva O.V., Gildin S.M. Microphytologic characteristic of the Osinsk horizon halogenic-carbonate rocks, Nizhnee Preangarie, East Siberia

    Danilova A.V. Palynologic characteristic of the deposits of the Permian Ufimian and Kazan stages, Malozemelsko-Kolguev monocline

    Gerasimova E.A., Trushchenkov N.S. Stratigraphic division and correlation of Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous productive deposits, Yuzhno-Tugrov area


    Zafarova A.M. Economic substantiation of oil transportation from the Arctic shelf field

    Filatov S.A., Zakharchenko N.N., Vidyakina E.V. Development of tax stimulation mechanism of renewing the hydrocarbon resource base

    Antipina E.I. Procedure of estimating the efficiency of using the state reserves of oil products in commercial purposes

    Khozyainova T.V., Zavarina M.P. Peculiarities of collecting and using geological-geophysical data in forming the information infrastructure of a geological-exploration enterprise

    Mazurina E.V. Forming the liquidation funds of hydrocarbon fields

    Loginov D.V., Lavrik S.A. Some methods of determining an informative set of seismic attributes for forecasting reservoir properties

    Gaisina G.F. Geologic modeling the Malyshev field oil pool with using the Norway program RMS 9.0.7


    Misolina N.A., Nasibulin I.M. Geological bases of applying the methods of impact on carbonate reservoirs, Melekesskaya depression east slope

    Surikova E.S., Kalinina L.M. History of tectonic development of the Mezhov megacape and the model of geological structure of the Verkh-Tar oil field

    Otmas A.A. Complex paleotectonic analysis of conditions of forming the local objects prospective for oil: An example from the Kravtsovskoye field

    Klyatysheva L.R. Efficiency of well logging in drilling in the Nepsko-Botuoba anteclise areas

    Napreev D.V., Olenchenko V.V. Complex application of geophysical and geochemical methods in searching hydrocarbon pools in the Ust-Tym petroleum district

    Fomin M.A. The modern structure of the Mesozoic-Cenozoic sedimentary cover of the Yenisei-Khatanga regional trough on key levels


    Sotnikova A.G. Oil and gas accumulation zones and the priority directions of renewal of oil reserves in the carbonate complexes, Varandey-Adzvinsky aulacogen

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