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    Geochemical research

    Section editor - PhD in geology and mineralogy Bazhenova T.K.

    Article # 25_2014 submitted on 28th Mar 2014 displayed on website on 8th May 2014
    22 p. Parfenova T.M., Kashirtsev V.A., Korovnikov I.V.
    pdf New naphthide shows finds in the Middle Cambrian rocks in the north-eastern Siberian platform

    The results of geochemical studies of new naphthide hydrocarbons discoveries of in the Middle Cambrian section on the Muna uplift slopes are presented. It is prouved on the basis of molecular composition study that the allochthonous and par-allochthonous bitumoids and bitumen found in Cambrian rocks were generated by rocks of Lower and Middle Cambrian Kuonamka Formation. The Cambrian hydrocarbon migration in north-eastern Siberian platform is discussed. The maturity of naphthides founded in the sections on the Muna and Molodo rivers is lower than maturity determined in the outcrops of Kyulenke River basin. Features of naphthides composition indicate that some of them has been biodegraded in varying degrees.

    Keywords: geochemistry, naphthides, biomarkers, katagenesis, hydrocarbon generation, migration, biodegradation, Cambrian, Siberian platform.

    article citation

    Parfenova T.M., Kashirtsev V.A., Korovnikov I.V. Novye nahodki naftidoprojavlenij v porodah srednego kembrija na severo-vostoke Sibirskoj platformy [New naphthide shows finds in the Middle Cambrian rocks in the north-eastern Siberian platform]. Neftegazovaya Geologiya. Teoriya I Praktika, 2014, vol. 9, no. 2, available at:


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