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    Stratigraphy and lithology

    Section editor - PhD in geology and mineralogy Kirichkova A.I.

    Article # 27_2014 submitted on 9th Apr 2014 displayed on website on 26th June 2014
    12 p. Gubin S.A., Isaeva G.A., Osovetckiy B.M.
    pdf Petrochemical composition of the carboniferous rocks belonging to the Kokuysk oil field

    The results granulometric, crystallooptic, X-ray diffractometric and electron microbim analysis studies of the Bashkirian carbonate and terrigenous reservoir rocks of Perm region are presented. The tested interval present structural, mineralogical and filtering heterogenity of sedimentary section. Existence of several types of cementing substance in terrigenous deposits is established. The influence of mineralogical composition on reservoir properties of rocks is noted.

    Keywords: terrigenous and carbonate deposits, mineral composition, clay minerals, reservoir properties, colmatage.

    article citation Gubin S.A., Isaeva G.A., Osovetckiy B.M.Veshhestvennyj sostav kamennougol'nyh produktivnyh otlozhenij Kokujskogo mestorozhdenija nefti [Petrochemical composition of the carboniferous rocks belonging to the Kokuysk oil field]. Neftegazovaya Geologiya. Teoriya I Praktika, 2014, vol. 9, no. 2, available at:

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