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Section editor – PhD in geology and mineralogy Prischepa O.M.
Article # 010
12 p.
One of the probable natural processes of oil enrichment by vanadium

Geological, geochemical and hydrological occurrence of commercial vanadium bearing oil and bitumen in the largest fields of Canada, Venezuela and the USSR have been considered in the article after Gribkov Vsevolod Vsevolodovich /1931 - 2000/, who is the outstanding petroleum geologist, the laureate of the USSR State award (1982), the full member of International Academy of Mineral Resources (1996). The similarity of the conditions in oil and gas areas and provinces being considered has been highlighted. The exploration features of commercial vanadium bearing oils have been formulated. The probable way of oil enrichment by vanadium has been described.
Key words: heavy oil, bitumen, vanadium bearing oils, exploration indexes of vanadium bearing hydrocarbons, naphtha-metallogeny.
The paper was published in the collection of scientific articles of VNIGRI "Oil associated components and recovery problems". – Leningrad: VNIGRI, 1989. - P. 28-39.