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Section editor – PhD in geology and mineralogy Prischepa O.M.
Article # 017
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pdf  Lithogenesis of fossilized organic matter and geotectonic zoning of the Earth's crust

The article after Zinaida Andreevna Mishunina /1900 - 2005/, the outstanding petroleum geologist, one of the most Russian famous scientists, is devoted to the systematic study of evolutionary transformation of organic matter and formation of paragenetic associations of mineral and organic compounds at serial stages of lithogenesis for each geotectonic zone. The typifying of organic matter and its migration products is considered as well as the study of the morphological and genetic relationships between migration products and the mineral basis of rock, its structural and textural forms. The article is focused on the study of oil-migration processes during the geological history and in relation to geotectonic zoning of the Earth's crust.
Key words: organic matter, lithogenesis, fossilization, paragenetic associations of organic compounds, petroleum, bitumen, shungite, graphite, types of organic matter transformation.
The article was published in the collection of reports of the Jubilee Conference of 70th Anniversary of VNIGRI "Petroleum Geology at the turn of the century." Volume 1. Fundamentals of petroleum geology. St. Petersburg.: VNIGRI, 1999. - P. 173-188.