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Section editor – PhD in geology and mineralogy Prischepa O.M.
Article # 029
14 p.
pdf  Low-permeability reservoirs of oil and gas provinces of Russia and the CIS
Statistical analysis of porosity distribution in productive deposits of sedimentary cover of different oil and gas provinces of Russia and the CIS has been presented in the article. The essential role of low-permeability rocks (especially carbonate ones) in oil and gas potential of individual provinces (from 18 to 21% of hydrocarbon deposits in low-permeability reservoirs) has been highlighted and their association with specific stratigraphic horizons as well as the increase in the share of low-permeability reservoirs with the increase in the depth have been analyzed. The key criteria for low-permeability reservoir forecast has been formulated, most important being availability of reliable cover and enhanced fracture to support hydrocarbon filtration from pore space of matrix into the well.
Key words: carbonate reservoirs, low-permeability reservoirs, fracture, oil and gas provinces.