Petroleum potential and development
Section editor – PhD in geology and mineralogy Podolsky Yu.V.
Article # 005
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pdf  Hydrocarbon raw material base and prospects for its development in the northwest of Russia
North-West region is the least developed region in the European part of Russia, despite its rather little remoteness not only from major consumers within the region but also from potential customers abroad. Identified reserves of oil and natural gas can provide both for the internal needs of the region and the implementation of major export projects. The possibility of the solution of the main task of the oil and gas complex in the north-west of Russia is being discussed – i.e. significant increase in oil production for a long-term period under "Long-term government program of subsoil studies and renewal of mineral resources of Russia on the basis of the consumption and renewal of mineral resources balance" (2005-2010 and until 2020) developed by the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia. Prospects of raw materials development in the North-West region are interconnected with the solution of the following tasks: to ensure oil and gas production, consistent with the development of transport capacity, projected consumption and processing situation; to identify new oil and gas fields in the areas of undistributed fund and maintain production levels, meeting the needs of the region and transport capacity after 2020, timely and consistent involvement of new fields in the licensing; to ensure renewal of the resource basis through exploration and new oil and gas reserves development.
Key words: oil, gas, fields, production, hydrocarbon raw material base, renewal of hydrocarbon resource base.