Dertev A.K.


Graduated fromLeningrad Mining Institute in 1958.
PhD in geology and mineralogy (1971).
Worked with VNIGRI from being a senior technician to Deputy Director.
Key fields of scientific research: petroleum potential study of the sedimentary basins of the North-East and North-West of Russia.
Author of 150 publications, including monographs.
Scientific heritage /VNIGRI's ideas/
Section editor – PhD in geology and mineralogy Prischepa O.M.
Article # 020
14 p.
pdf  Modern geodynamics, bituminous and gas bearing capacity of the Kola Peninsula
The relationship of hydrocarbon accumulations with systems of long-lived deep faults (the geodynamics of which is manifested in a series of modern inherited vertical and horizontal crustal movements) on the Kola Peninsula and adjacent north part of the offshore has been identified. All this reflects the geological processes currently taking place in the deep layers of the sedimentary cover and basement. This relationship proves the deep origin of hydrocarbon accumulations and enables us to use geodynamic and lithological criteria for hydrocarbon exploration.
Key words: modern geodynamics, seismicity, hydrocarbons, gas occurrence, bitumen, the Kola Peninsula.