Economy, information technology, resource management
Section editor – PhD in economics Krasnov O.S.
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pdf  Preparation of oil and gas resource base under current conditions
The existing problems in the field of studying and preparing the oil and gas resource base to development (renewal of reserves) in under current conditions of subsurface use in Russia are considered. Concrete steps on correcting the situation connected with delaying the pace of preparing new oil reserves, planned to realization on the different levels of power, are considered. The variant of State and private capital partnership is considered as one of the efficient ways of solving this problem. The necessary share of participating the State in financing and conducting exploration at the regional and prospecting-estimation stages is discussed. A systems approach and criteria of estimating the efficiency of exploration (at the different stages) applied as for the State (subsurface owner) so for companies (subsurface users) are proposed. The recommendations and concrete propositions on making up the licensing balanced programs providing the necessary pace for oil and gas reserves' renewal in the region are given.
Key words: oil and gas reserves, renewal of reserves, regional and prospecting stages, private-state partnership, efficiency of exploration, strategic priorities, subsurface licensing.
article citation Prischepa O.M. Preparation of oil and gas resource base under current conditions // Neftegazovaya Geologiya. Teoriya I Praktika. – 2008. - V.3. - #2.-