Offshore hydrocarbon deposits
Section editor – PhD in geology and mineralogy Suprunenko О.I.
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pdf  Prospects of oil and gas in the Kursh Gulf (Kaliningrad Region)
Recently, due to an objective reduction in the fund of oil-prospecting facilities on the onshore of the Kaliningrad Region, more and more attention has been paid to the study of the Baltic Sea, including the sea bays. The state is also helping to build up the oil potential of the Russian part of the Kaliningrad Region and to attract additional investors to it, initiating geological exploration in difficult-to-reach but certainly attractive regions of the Baltic oil-bearing region. One of these areas was the Kursh Gulf, whose prospects are confirmed by the opening of a number of oil fields in adjacent areas of land and sea, both in Russia and in neighboring Lithuania. The results of seismic survey conducted in 2016-2017 are presented in the Kursh Gulf, and the quantification of localized resources in the investigated part of the offshore area, areas for further licensing are offered.

Keywords: oil and gas potential, geological exploration, Baltic petroleum area, Kursh Gulf, Kaliningrad Region.
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