Regional petroleum geology
Section editor – PhD in geology and mineralogy Makarevich V.N.
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pdf  Electrometrical models of deep facies sequences in Western-Siberian Basin
Electrometrical models of facies, widely used in paleogeographic reconstructions, were developed in 1970-1980 for the continental and shallow-water sequences of the Western-Siberian Basin. With the adoption of a clinoform model of sedimentation for the Neocomian sections of this basin, deep-water deposit (depths of the first hundreds of meters) began to be identified. Today, the deep-water strata are actively involved in prospecting and exploration, and it is therefore necessary to complete the earlier studies with the development of electrometric models of the facies of these deposits. Seven main facies, which control the accumulation of deep-water sequences, are described in this paper, and their electrometrical models are developed, fact which will make it possible to study these promising petroleum-bearing strata more properly.

Keywords: electrometrical model of facies, clinoform sequences, deep-water deposit, Western-Siberian Basin.
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