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pdf  Frasnien section on the Kozhym River (the western slope of Polar Urals) - results of biostratigraphic, bio- and lithofacies, isotopic and geochemical studies
The results of biostratigraphic, bio-, lithofacial and isotope-geochemical studies of a unique section of the Frasnien stage of the western slope of the Subpolar Urals are presented. The section contains a rich and diverse fauna of conodonts, on the basis of which a continuous sequence of standard conodontic zones is established from Early falsiovalis (Lower Frasnien) to Early triangularis (Lower Famennien). Dedicated associations of conodonts with the predominance of deepwater taxa Ancyrodella, Mesotaxis and Palmatolepis not only allowed detailed biostratigraphic subdivision of the section, but also served as indicators of sea level changes. The basin of sedimentation during the Frasnien time was a deep-water basin on the shelf with a carbonate-clay-siliceous type of sedimentation. Despite the predominantly deep-water conditions of sedimentation, relative sea level changes were reconstructed on the basis of the obtained bio- and lithofacies data, which are compared with regional and global fluctuations. Isotope-geochemical analysis showed a non-uniform distribution of б13C (from -3.1 to + 3.5‰) and б18O (from +19.6 to + 28.1‰) in the section, with numerous positive and negative excursions, which indicates repeated changes in the conditions of sedimentation. High values of б13C with sharp amplitudes of deviations are associated with manifestations of events caused by increased bioproductivity during transgressions. As a result of the carried out researches in the section of the western slope of the Subpolar Urals, traces of six Frasnien global geological events have been revealed: Genundewa, Timan, Middlesex, Semichatovae, Lower Kellwasser and Upper Kellwasser. Established biotic changes, accompanied by an increase in the taxonomic diversity of conodonts or a reduction to the point of complete extinction, sedimentological signs and anomalies of б13C and б18O are a consequence of the large transgressions that are associated with the manifestation of these global geological events

Keywords: isotope composition of carbon and oxygen, conodontic biofacies, global events, Frasnien sedimentation conditions, Kozhym River, Subpolar Urals.
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