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pdf Petroleum resource assets of Turkey: promt state, prospects for new development and new researching project
The state of the fuel and energy level of the rapidly developing economy of Turkey is considered. Against the background of low explored potential - in terms of oil reserves, the country occupies only 52nd place in the world, and in terms of gas reserves – 91nd place, initiatives to develop prospection and exploration of petroleum in areas of complicated geological structures and in deep-water zones, and as unconventional new resources (shale gas). The prospects of petroleum bearing areas and the development of Turkey hydrocarbon potential are estimated.
Taking into account the needs of Turkey, it took the first position among the countries of the Middle and Middle East in the import of hydrocarbons. The analysis of the petroleum exploration state indicates the only possible development path - increasing the strategic role of Turkey in the international oil and gas transit market at the junction area between Asia and Europe.

Keywords: fuel and energy industry, oil and gas reserves, international oil and gas transit market, Turkey.
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