Petroleum potential and development
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pdf Petroleum potential of the Birgutlin trough - Bukhara-Khiva region (Uzbekistan)
This article is devoted to assessing the petroleum prospects of the Birgutlin trough. The studies are based on historical data, as well as actual data obtained from the fields of the western part of the Bukhara-Khiva region. When assessing the prospects of the Birgutlin trough in terms of oil and gas, the author took into account the tectonic position of the territory, as well as oil and gas content. A comparative analysis of the Birgutlin trough with adjacent tectonic elements of the Bukhara-Khiva region has been carried out. When searching for petroleum accumulations in this area, it is recommended to take the Tumaris field as a benchmark. Based on the results of the analysis of seismic data, the author identified top-priority targets for petroleum exploratory drilling, calculated the promising resources of the allocated areas. As a result of a detailed analysis of geological and geophysical data, the author gave recommendations on the study of the Birgutlin trough by prospecting and detailed seismic surveys, as well as conducting petroleum exploratory drilling in two areas, paying special attention to a detailed study of the XV-1, XV-2, XVa levels.

Keywords: petroleum field, petroleum potential, tectonic element, petroleum exploratory drilling, Birgutlin trough, Bukhara-Khiva region, Uzbekistan.
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