Geological simulation and issues of petroleum fields development
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pdf Geological and geophysical model of the Uchbash-Karshinian flexure-fault zone and prospects for petroleum potential
The Uchbash-Karshinian flexure-fault zone is an unconventional geological object in Republic of Uzbekistan of interest in terms of its involvement in the geological exploration activity. The basic interpretation model of the object was developed for the systematic reinterpretation of modern geological and geophysical data. Tracing and stratigraphicaly distribution of reference reflectors on time sections made it possible to establish the actual position of the main boundaries. Mapping of the systems of inclined faults on the sequences of the seismic geological sections made it possible to detail the internal zone structure. The parameters of the geological and geophysical model of the Uchbash-Karshinian flexure-fault zone must be used in the future geo-structural interpretations.

Keywords: basic interpretation model, seismic geological section, system of inclined faults, Uchbash-Karshinian flexure-fault zone, Republic of Uzbekistan.
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