Kulyandina A.S.


Graduated from Yakutsk State University (2006), specialization "mining engineer-geologist".
Geophysicist of Yakutskgeofizika.
Area of scientific interests: petroleum geology.
Regional petroleum geology
Section editor – PhD in geology and mineralogy Makarevich V.N.
Article # 38_2017 submitted on 11/03/2017 displayed on website on 11/23/2017
9 p.
pdf  Results of seismical research of the North-Eastern Yakutia
The data on our work method, the volumes carried out and the results obtained in the period 1976-1992 are given using general depth point seismic survey in the Zyryansk, Tomponsky depressions, the Tastakh trough of the North-Eastern Yakutia. Authors compared our results with data concerning the adjacent shelf of the Laptev Sea. It is shown that the synchronous sedimentary sequences can be distinguished on the temporal sections and interpreted as depressions, deflections, and shelves. Field seismic materials are characterized by good quality suitable for processing.

Keywords: general depth point seismic survey, Tastakh trough, Zyryansk, Tomponsky depressions, North-Eastern Yakutia.
article citation Obolkin A.P., Sitnikov V.S., Alexandrov A.R., Arzhakov N.A., Kovnir B.D., Kulyandina A.S., Sleptsova M.I., Sevostyanova R.F., Syundyukov R.S. Obobshchenie rezul'tatov seysmorazvedochnykh issledovaniy Severo-Vostoka Yakutii [Results of seismical research of the North-Eastern Yakutia]. Neftegazovaya Geologiya. Teoriya I Praktika, 2017, vol. 12, no. 4, available at: http://www.ngtp.ru/rub/4/38_2017.pdf
DOI https://doi.org/10.17353/2070-5379/38_2017

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