Petroleum potential and development
Section editor – PhD in geology and mineralogy Podolskiy Yu.V.
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pdf  Natural hydrocarbon manifestations in the sedimentary cover of Svalbard
The characteristics of quantitative and qualitative composition of dispersed organic matter and level of catagenetic transformation common for oil and gas generation potential of the sequence, and systematic data on the natural hydrocarbon manifestations (bitumen, oils and combustible gases) from outcrops, mines (coal mines) and drill holes within the Upper Riphean to Paleogene sedimentary formations is presented on the basis of the geological and laboratory geochemical research carried out by the author since 1986, as well as the results of previous Russian scientists’ research within the Russian area of Svalbard during different periods, and the published data on the foreign scientists oil and gas exploration. Some conclusions are made on the presens of three most prospective for oil and natural gas deposits (Upper Devonian - Middle Carboniferous, Upper Permian - Triassic and Paleogene), the connection between the periods of petroleum formation with tectonic (rift) activity in the region, the positive role of intrusions in the formation of light oil deposits, discovered in the Petunia bay area in Carboniferous deposits, and the absence of negative impact of Cenozoic uplifts on the preservation of hydrocarbon accumulations. The priority of Russian scientists in the first oil reserves discovery in the archipelago from Paleogene sediments in Laylenskaya area and from Carboniferous sediments in Ebbadalenskaya area is marked.
Key words: Phanerozoic, Carbon, Paleogene, sedimentary cover, organic matter, catagenesis, oil and gas manifestations, oil and gas reserves, oil and gas potential, the archipelago of Svalbard, license blocks.
article citation Verba M.L. Natural hydrocarbon manifestations in the sedimentary cover of Svalbard // Neftegazovaya Geologiya. Teoriya I Praktika. – 2007. - V.2. -