Petroleum potential and development
Section editor – PhD in geology and mineralogy Podolsky Yu.V.
Article # 46_2009 submitted on 12/07/2009 displayed on website on 12/14/2009
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pdf  Petroleum prospects of the Malozemelsko-Kolguev oil-gas region
An analysis of geological-geophysical material on the results of exploration for oil and gas in the last 40 years allowed first to present an unified (onshore and offshore) model of the structure and petroleum potential of the Malozemelsko-Kolguev oil-gas region. The structural elements of different order are justified, established and traced. They, in parallel with the oil-gas complexes unified for the whole region, served as the basis for oil-gas-geological zoning. The updated criteria of establishing the zones of petroleum accumulation, according to which control of traps is provided not only by structural elements but the peculiarities of structure of natural reservoirs, allowed to expand promising areas demanding the re-estimation of initial forecast resources. Within the limits of oil-gas-geological zoning, 10 zones of oil-gas accumulation of three types are established: multi-layered inherited, two-layered and single-layered – buried and hung. The directions of exploration in dependence of typifying the petroleum accumulation zones are justified.
Key words: natural reservoirs, initial forecast resources, oil-gas accumulation zones, directions of exploration, Malozemelsko-Kolguev petroleum region.
article citation Prischepa O.M., Bogatsky V.I., Chumakova O.V., Orlova L.A. Petroleum prospects of the Malozemelsko-Kolguev oil-gas region // Neftegazovaya Geologiya. Teoriya I Praktika. – 2009. - V.4. - #4.-