Offshore hydrocarbon deposits
Section editor – PhD in geology and mineralogy Margulis L.S.
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pdf  Hydrocarbon marine basis of Russia and prospects of its development
Current hydrocarbon marine basis of Russia, namely its structure, resources and reserves, their distribution, as well as hydrocarbon basis exploration and preparation for development; and size distribution of oil, gas and condensate fields have been estimated. The plans and programs of the hydrocarbon marine basis study and development are considered, and the key problems of their implementation are highlighted. The target estimation of the resource basis of Russian seas is proposed as a systematic framework for the plans and programs implementation with most essential and important component distinguishing (as the priorities for its research and development): the largest fields, liquid hydrocarbons, oil and gas accumulation zones, most accessible coastal shallow waters in terms of development, border offshore areas in the delimitation zones. The target zoning of the Russian offshore waters means the selection of key areas and objects for prime implementation with the highest probability and efficiency. The establishment of coastal oil and gas production centers is proposed in various regions of Russia as a crucial operating method for target research and development of Russian hydrocarbon marine basis.
Key words: hydrocarbon marine basis, coastal oil and gas production centers, resources and reserves, offshore resources distribution, marine resources estimation, offshore zoning, oil and gas accumulation zone, transition zone.
article citation Grigorenko Yu.N., Margulis E.A., Novikov Yu.N., Sobolev V.S.Hydrocarbon marine basis of Russia and prospects of its development // Neftegazovaya Geologiya. Teoriya I Praktika. – 2007. - V.2. –